Chevron's History in Canada

A pioneer in the development of Canada’s energy industry

Chevron's History in Canada

Chevron Canada Resources first came to Canada in 1938, when a small field party from the Standard Oil Company of California arrived in southern Alberta in a quest to secure a new supply of oil in this largely unexplored frontier region.

From this modest beginning arose Chevron Canada – a pioneering company whose people have made numerous large-scale oil and gas discoveries, contributed in many important ways to the technological advancement of our industry, and have supported the economic progress and prosperity of Canada through nearly 2 billion barrels of legacy production.

Today, Chevron Canada Resources – the company responsible for crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids exploration, development, production and marketing – is active in British Columbia, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador and Northern Canada .

Chevron Canada Limited (Products Division) is the subsidiary responsible for managing the Burnaby Refinery as well as the Chevron retail and commercial fuelling operations in British Columbia and Alberta.  Initially owned and operated by Standard Oil Company of British Columbia Limited starting in 1935, the refining and marketing business has been owned and operated by Chevron Canada Limited since 1976.

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