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What attracted you to the opportunities at Chevron?

The opportunity to travel globally and have a career in various countries around the world. Chevron is known for its world-class performance and I was eager to be a part of that.

How do you feel you are making a difference at Chevron?

I can see how my work makes an impact to the business as a whole. I also have the opportunity to train and share the knowledge I have gained in my time here at Chevron.

How do the Chevron values contribute to your work experience?

Chevron walks the walk and talks the talk. Our Chevron values are a part of everything we do. Our main two Operational Excellence tenets are “Do it safely or not at all” and “There is always time to do it right.” I find that in my work, I am encouraged to follow safe procedures, whether it’s through workpace breaks or having a work-life balance. 

Moreover, in my projects and tasks, I am encouraged to take the time to ensure that I am collaborating with others and making decisions that are positive for our business. We have a trusting and collaborative work environment and people really demonstrate these values.

How does Chevron support your career aspirations?

Chevron has supported me in furthering my education as well as any additional training that aligns with my career goals and development. The company ensures that I am involved in projects and roles that help me grow my capabilities and move in the direction I want.

Describe your most professionally satisfying project or experience at Chevron?

The most satisfying project at Chevron was the opportunity to build a campus recruitment program for Chevron Canada. I had the opportunity to lead a team through creating activities that would build our brand on campus on a year-long basis. 

It was challenging learning Chevron’s project management systems and managing a team. I did not hold a team leader position, but it goes to show that everyone here is a leader and that even early in your career you can make an impact. This aligns with our “We Lead” values that state that we are all leaders at Chevron.

In your experience, what distinguishes Chevron from our competitors as a place to work?

The people and our culture. I have worked for competitors before and many of them preach the same values but don’t live them like Chevron does. We are a people- oriented culture, hence our slogan “Human Energy.” 

Chevron recognizes that without their people, we can’t move forward. We want to be the company most admired for its people, partnership and performance. There is a reason why “people” is listed first in that slogan.

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