Recruiting Fraud

Please be aware that businesses around the world are monitoring fraudulent job offers to candidates.

Often, the perpetrator will email the prospective candidate offering employment with Chevron. These emails typically look authentic and will include details of the employment opportunity, such as job description, compensation and other benefits. The emails typically request payment from prospective candidates to obtain visas or immigration documents. The prospective candidate may be referred to an organization that requests fees for processing the documents.

Chevron does not request money from applicants and requests personal information only similar to what is provided on a resume.

If you have concerns about whether you were actually contacted by a Chevron employee, or if you want to forward fraudulent communications to Chevron, please email. Chevron will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

If you are unsure whether a communication you received was from Chevron, please review the guidelines below:

  1. Chevron never makes job offers without conducting a formal interview with the candidate.
  2. Prospective candidates are always invited to an interview with Chevron personnel before any offer of employment is made. The location of the interview is always provided to candidates either by phone or email from a legitimate Chevron email account. Chevron does not interview candidates through instant messaging systems or through email conversations.
  3. Please verify all email addresses in correspondences end in “" (e.g. Chevron will never request a prospective applicant to provide information to an email address not ending in “"