Aboriginal Partnerships

Partnering with Aboriginal communities to deliver high-impact programs

Aboriginal Partnerships

Chevron Canada is committed to consulting actively with Canada’s Aboriginal communities where we operate to build an understanding of each other's aspirations and concerns. We support a variety of cultural and traditional events that have included ice fishing tournaments, pow wows, and a number of other activities that bring the community together.

We work with Aboriginal communities to identify opportunities for investment and collaboration. Accordingly, we have a range of programs designed to focus on health and wellness, environment, education programs, heritage protection and economic development.

Cultural Programing

Chevron supports activities, initiatives and events that celebrate Indigenous achievement, share knowledge/help gain a greater understanding of Aboriginal culture, history and challenges. We are pleased to provide both financial and in-kind sponsorships to pow wows, Jamborees, and Treaty Day celebrations all over Canada.

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Graduation Ceremony - Calgary Catholic School District

Since 2014 Chevron has sponsored the Calgary Catholic School District’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) graduation ceremony.  The graduation ceremony allows all of the First Nations, Métis and Inuit grade 12 graduating students, their families and the CCSD the opportunity to celebrate students’ success. 

Indigenous Leadership Management Program – Banff Centre

Chevron Canada has funded scholarships in Leadership at the world-renowned Banff Centre for more than 35 years. Current support is focused on the Indigenous Leadership Management Program, which provide leaders with the skills and support network necessary to achieve positive change in their communities. 

Junior Achievement Aboriginal Financial Literacy Program

Chevron sponsors Junior Achievement’s Aboriginal Financial Literacy Program, which helps Aboriginal youth improve their skills in money management, credit, savings, tax, and insurance issues.

Kitselas Canyon Historic Site

The Kitselas Canyon Historic Site’s mandate is to preserve and celebrate the cultural history of the Kitselas Canyon region. Chevron has made a donation to support the development of a computer application or “App” that will help preserve the culture, language and history of the Kitselas First Nation. The App will share and preserve stories, photos and video of the Kitselas culture and identity and includes an interactive map and an online living museum.

Content for the application will be developed from a community-driven initiative that will involve youth, elders and members to help capture stories and information from those in the community. Kitselas First Nation members will be given the tools and knowledge to interview each other and build the community story through video, audio, photos and written text.

Women Building Futures

We are proud to support the work of Women Building Futures, which is helping to break down barriers for Aboriginal women and prepare them for a future career in trades. The organization provides comprehensive support for women through the trades’ employment process, from readiness assessments through to on-the-job training.

Celebrating Aboriginal Education

Since 2014 Chevron has sponsored the Calgary Catholic School District’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) graduation ceremony.
Photo Credit: CCSD

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Indigenous Leadership Management Program

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Providing leadership training to individuals in their communities

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