Employee and Retiree Involvement

Our past and present employees participating in local volunteer activities

Employee and Retiree Involvement

We believe that volunteers are the backbone of any community.

Chevron Canada’s People Making a Difference (PMAD) program supports the volunteer efforts of Chevron Canada’s employees, participating in a variety of volunteer activities that connect our employees with their local communities, during and after work hours. Volunteer activities enable employees to become actively involved in the community, and encourage team building, improved morale, and personal and professional development. The annual PMAD Fall Campaign is geared towards fundraising and is run with the help of our valued community partner, the United Way.

Chevron employees in British Columbia help support local schools through My Class Needs, a crowd-funding website through which employees direct Chevron funds toward various S.T.E.M. education projects. This is an extension of the Fuel Your School program and directly supports the B.C. communities in which our employees and their families live.

Chevron Canada retirees continue to be active members of their local communities as well. In Calgary, they support the community in a variety of ways, including working in the Garden of Eat’n, where the harvest is donated to the Calgary Food Bank; a 6 km highway cleanup project near Millarville, Alberta; the George Boyack Seniors Tea Project, through which they serve tea, coffee and home-made baked goods to seniors; picking up day-old pastries and coffee at 24 stores and delivering them to food banks; sorting food and building hampers for foodbank clients; and delivering books to foodbank book shelves throughout the year