Health, Environment and Safety

Strong foundation includes exemplary HES performance

Our goal at Chevron Canada and worldwide in Chevron Corporation is to deliver Operational Excellence. To us that means achieving world class performance through the systematic management of safety, health, environment, reliability and efficiency.

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True Operational Excellence involves a profound shift in thinking and acting, not just staying the course. The goal is to think beyond the goal of world class to the goal of zero incidents. At Chevron Canada, we firmly believe strong business performance starts with strong health,  environment and safety performance.

OE is the first strategy of the company cited worldwide and this is not by accident. Its importance precedes all others. This provides an answer to the commonly asked question "What takes priority – production, cost or safety?"

We systematically manage OE in order to:

We have a process for the systematic management of OE called the Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS). Business unit champions and corporate consultants support the implementation.  We promote learning and sharing through a number of OE networks and forums. Web based tools provide 24/7 collaboration and repositories for alerts and best practices. The best of the best practices are shared monthly with the CEO and his reports right down through the entire organization. Recognition and accountability are highly visible. We extend expectations we have of ourselves to our partners and contractors.

We believe a world-class corporate culture can emerge if leaders are accountable for:

We also continually:

When we do all of these things right, they build on each other to achieve our ultimate objective – zero incidents.  That means everyone goes home safe and sound.

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