Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Nadine Pearson sports a large tattoo – one with a Maori symbol – on her right shoulder, and she wears her hair dyed a bright red.  

Pearson also holds a PhD in geology and is a respected member of Chevron Canada’s Oil Sands team.

“Diversity is a big part of my life,” said the Edmontonian, who now calls Calgary home. “I don’t look like your typical PhD. But what I really like in a diverse workplace is that ideas, the myriad of possibilities, are prized -- not the appearance of the individual.”


Nadine Pearson and Sherif Soliman are members of the Chevron Canada Limited Diversity Council.

Diversity a ‘Draw’

Pearson was recently named chairperson of the Chevron Canada Limited Diversity Council, which aims to help the company be recognized as a global leader in diversity and to use that diversity to help gain a competitive advantage.

“Diversity was one of my main draws to Chevron,” Pearson said.

When she applied to work for the company, she checked out the website and read a copy of The Chevron Way, the code that all employees are expected to live by.

“Diversity is something this company believes in,” she said. “We’re here to ensure our employees can come in, contribute, and not be judged.”

The Chevron Way

The Chevron Way states: “We value and demonstrate respect for the uniqueness of individuals and the varied perspectives and talents they provide. We have an inclusive work environment and actively embrace a diversity of people, ideas, talents and experiences.”

The council was created because of Chevron Canada’s strong belief in diversity, said Policy, Government and Public Affairs Manager Michael Barrett.

“Chevron and its people believe that everyone performs better when they’re respected for his or her unique talents and characteristics,” he said. “By respecting our diversity, we can be more innovative, recruit and retain the best talent, and strengthen our partnerships in the communities where we live and work.

“Diversity is a core value that helps the company achieve better business results.”

Competitive Advantage

Sherif Soliman, an internationally experienced engineer with a management degree from the Netherlands, agrees.

“By leveraging its diverse workforce, Chevron Canada can ensure the necessary alignment of skills and talents with the company’s strategic objectives,” he said. “We always say our people are our biggest asset. If you can leverage the different ways of thinking and doing things and you value different perspectives, you can use that as a competitive advantage.

“All of us working together, with our different ways of seeing the world, make us stronger.”