Spotlight Shines on Chevron Rising Star Scholarship Winners

The achievements of Chevron Canada’s 2014 Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) scholarship winners were recently recognized at a reception on the MUN campus in St. John's, NL.

In 2014, a total of 34 Chevron Canada Rising Star Award scholarships were disbursed to MUN undergraduate and graduate students in the disciplines of engineering, earth science, business and economics.

Chevron Rising Star Award recipients Mohammad Haghighi, left, and Mariella Nalepa are shown with Penny Blackwood, MUN’s executive director of alumni affairs and development, and Mark MacLeod, Chevron Canada's Atlantic Canada manager.

The master of ceremonies, Penny Blackwood, MUN’s executive director of alumni affairs and development, was complimentary of Chevron Canada’s scholarship program at MUN, and the productive relationship that has been forged over the past several years.

Mark MacLeod, Chevron Canada's Atlantic Canada manager, congratulated the students on their achievements and also spoke of the importance that Chevron Canada attaches to its partnership with Memorial University.

“This event provides a great opportunity to recognize these very deserving students in an informal setting,” said MacLeod. “It's also a great venue for students to interact with our staff and learn about how one can successfully transition from university to the start of a career.”

University Partnership Program


Liang Jing, who is working on his PhD in engineering, has received a Chevron Rising Star Award for the past two years.

“Since I started my PhD, I have been working on the treatment and management of oily waste water. I’ve published over 30 publications and have grown remarkably in my profession. The support that Chevron Canada has provided me with will enable me to continue pursuing my academic and personal growth while at Memorial,” he said.

In 2008, MUN was the first Canadian university selected to become part of Chevron Corporation’s University Partnership Program.

In October 2011, Chevron Canada announced a $2 million contribution to MUN to fund scholarships and international co-operative education opportunities over a 10-year period. Approximately $200,000 from this funding is disbursed annually by MUN to deserving scholarship recipients.