Chevron Canada Cyclists Raise More Than $45,000 for Cancer Research

Two teams of Chevron Canada cyclists recently put on an inspiring display of “Human Energy” by pedalling hundreds of kilometres over two days to raise more than $45,000 for cancer research.

The Calgary and Metro Vancouver-based teams overcame scorching temperatures, back-breaking hills and gale-force winds in separate Ride to Conquer Cancer events in Alberta and B.C.

Members of the Alberta team (left to right): Sinead Tracey, Robert Robinson, Lynn Robinson, Doug Clark and Lisa Dakis.

Wearing jerseys emblazoned with Chevron’s “Human Energy” motto, the Calgary team rode 230 km across the rolling hills of southern Alberta on Aug. 8 and 9. Doug Clark, a geophysicist, was thrilled to have participated in the event, which drew more than 1,700 riders.

“It’s an incredible feeling when you are out on the road and playing your part in this huge event,” he said. “Riders help each other and also feed off the fantastic support we get from the public and event volunteers. The Ride to Conquer Cancer challenges you on many levels and you see that pride in meeting those challenges on the faces of every rider as they finish.”

Lisa Dakis, a field construction engineer for Chevron, struggled with the hilly terrain and broiling temperatures. But when she thought of friends, relatives and participants who had beaten cancer, the California native couldn’t help but be motivated.

“At rest stops we (she and colleague Sinead Tracey) said, ‘We’re so tired.’ But we thought if they can go through all that, I can get back on my bike.”

The Alberta event raised $7.8 million. The funds will be invested by the Alberta Cancer Foundation to support cancer research, clinical trials and improved care at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, and 15 other centres around the province.

B.C. Event

Chevron Canada’s B.C. team had to overcome even greater challenges than their Alberta counterparts during their event, Aug. 29-30.

On Day 1, the team set off into the biggest storm to hit the Metro Vancouver area in a decade. From start to finish, trees were being uprooted, power lines downed, bridges cut off, and 80 km/h winds forced riders backwards and sideways.

Members of the Chevron British Columbia team (left to right): Patrick Peura, Justin Colobong, Katie Bramhall, Brad Newman, Dan Kinney, Rachel Walter and Elim Yeoh.

Two Chevron cyclists made it to the finish line, travelling at only a quarter of their normal speed, while the majority of participants had to abandon the ride after officials suspended the event at the 70 km mark.

“On Day 2, under sunny skies and favourable winds, the Chevron team regrouped to cross the finish line with triumphant spirits, recording personal victories for physical and mental endurance.”

Their biggest victory, however, was the $30,738 they raised in support of the B.C. Cancer Foundation. Overall, 2,087 participants raised $8.4 million in the B.C. Ride to Conquer Cancer.