Beautification Project Instills Pride in Fox Creek Residents

Thanks to the support of Chevron Canada, a once-dilapidated Fox Creek landmark has been transformed into a point of civic pride for the 2,000 residents of the west-central Alberta community.

The Fox Creek water tower recently received a much-needed facelift to remove years of peeling paint and water stains as part of a project to beautify the community.

Chevron Canada funded the creation of a mural on the Fox Creek landmark.

With funding from Chevron Canada, local artists and brothers David and Allan Thomas did just that, gracing the ground-level tank with a 20-by-eight-metre mural showcasing the region’s spectacular scenery and diverse wildlife.

It was a project that was long overdue.

Situated in the heart of Fox Creek’s residential area, the water tower was last painted in 1998 by Chevron Canada volunteers as a way of showing their affinity for the community. Over the next two decades, the structure languished in an increasingly depressed state of repair as the harsh Alberta winters took their toll.

“It became an eyesore,” said Assistant Town of Fox Creek Administrator Kristen Milne. “It needed some love.”

Long Tradition of Support

The town, which was already revitalizing its downtown core, decided the water tower also needed to be spruced up. Chevron Canada stepped forward to fund the beautification project, continuing a long tradition of supporting Fox Creek, a town that is a big part of the company’s history.  

After all, Chevron helped build the town in the late 1960s and early 1970s when it constructed 60 single-family homes and a 24-suite apartment complex for its employees.

After divesting its assets in 2004 to focus on other growth areas, Chevron Canada returned in 2009, making the first of several large land acquisitions. Along with its joint-venture partner KUFPEC Canada, the company now holds 330,000 acres of land as part of the Kaybob Duvernay Appraisal Program.

“We are so happy to be back in Fox Creek, a town that is near and dear to our hearts,” said Chevron Canada Public Affairs Advisor Amy Wood.

“It’s great to be a part of this project that connects our pioneering history in Fox Creek with our vision for continued growth and prosperity in the region,” said Wood.