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Chevron Zoo School Recognized in International Award

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Calgary, AB, November 1, 2012 -- Chevron Zoo School, a ground-breaking educational program that began as a partnership between the Calgary Zoo and Chevron Canada Resources nearly two decades ago, recently shared in a prestigious international award for helping create a global movement in experiential student learning.

The Campus Calgary/Open Minds program, founded upon the model of Chevron Zoo School and its concept of immersing students in learning-rich environments, was awarded a Global Best Award at a ceremony in Durban, South Africa.

Supported by The Conference Board of Canada, the International Education Business Partnership Network and the non-profit MiET Africa, the Global Best Awards celebrate outstanding and effective business, education and community organization partnerships that have a significant impact on their communities.

Global Best Award

Calgary Campus/Open Minds (CC/OM) was recognized with both the award for partnerships, which demonstrates capacity building, leadership and innovation for the Americas, and the overall 2012 Global Best Award for the Americas.

Since its inception in 1993 the concept of out-of-classroom learning pioneered by the Chevron Zoo School has literally taken off, with over 42 known Open Minds sites around the world. It also led to the creation of a full-time site, which Chevron Canada Resources has funded since 1994. Chevron Canada Resources funds five sites in Canada.

"Zoo School is a fabulous experience for students," said Judy Archer, Calgary Zoo manager of Community Education. "The Zoo is an exciting and motivating place to spend a week of school and being here inspires a wealth of learning possibilities. It also connects kids to animals and nature at a deep level. After their week, many classes and students engage in conservation projects or community enhancement projects. They want to make a difference and that is really exciting."

Innovative Education Program

Chevron Canada Resources President Jeff Lehrmann said, "Innovative education programs are a natural fit for our company because we use our creativity to find unexpected and practical ways to solve problems and overcome challenges. It is vital to support public education with programs like Calgary Campus/Open Minds that offer students a unique experience, build their confidence and inspire thinking outside the box."

CC/OM offers Calgary teachers the opportunity to transport their classroom to a local community site for a week. Students experience hands-on learning, behind-the-scenes opportunities and capture the entire week in a journal. Local sites in Calgary include the Calgary Zoo, Glenbow Museum, TELUS Spark and many more.

Through the five-day program, students spend time developing observation and communication skills. The program is noted for increasing the confidence of students.