Cardlock Safety Tips

Cardlock Safety Tips

This page provides information on the safe use of all features and facilities in the Chevron Cardlock network. Here is an overview of customer and driver responsibilities:

  • Understand instructions on the safe and responsible operation of equipment
  • Report all spills to Chevron
  • Avoid misfuelling - select your fuel carefully
  • Understand authorized use of marked fuel
  • If you are unsure about any part of Cardlock operation, contact your nearest Chevron Agent

Chevron Cardlocks are for commercial fuelling only; Cardlocks are not open to the general public.

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Emergency Stop

Locate the:

  • Emergency Stop button BEFORE using the pumps
  • Spill and other safety information

Take appropriate action in the event of a spill such as:

  • Push the Emergency Stop button
  • Get everyone away from the area
  • Call the Fire Department
  • Call the Cardlock agent and the Chevron Emergency Information Center (CEIC) at 1.800.231.0623

Observe Safety Signs

  • Stop motor
  • No smoking
  • Smoking is not allowed within 8 meters (25 feet) of the pump islands
  • Attend nozzle
  • Please report spills to Chevron (look at Info Stop board for contact names and phone numbers)

Selecting Your Fuel

Note the pump and fuel type located on the pump:

  • Clear diesel (and if applicable, diesel operability temperature)
  • Marked diesel
  • Gasoline

Product offering varies by location. Visit our Cardlock facilities listing for more detail.

Not All Pumps Are the Same

Low speed pump (left nozzle)

  • Small, narrow-diameter nozzle
  • Lower flow rate
  • For small volume fuel tanks and pick-up trucks

High speed Pump (right nozzle)

  • Large, wide mouth nozzle
  • High flow rate
  • Not recommended for pick-up trucks

Filling at the Cardlock

  1. Swipe your card
  2. Follow instructions on the screen

Keep your hands on your nozzle

  • Always attend the nozzle
  • Do not block nozzle open

Network Features

Satellite pumps

  • Always attend the nozzle
  • Do not block nozzle open
  • Read instructions on main pump for safe operation

Pump "99" – Washrooms and showers

  • Your Chevron Cardlock Card will give you access to the washrooms and showers you’ll find at some Chevron Cardlocks

Please be responsible.

If you would like additional information on the safety procedures or correct use of equipment, please ask your local Chevron Agent for detailed instructions.