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Kitimat LNG Infographic Brochure
Kitimat LNG
Infographic Brochure
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Kitimat LNG Upstream Resource Development Cover
Kitimat LNG
Upstream Resource Development
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Kitimat LNG Project Overview
Kitimat LNG
Project Overview
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Liard / Horn River Resources

Kitimat LNG plant site at Bish Cove

Liard / Horn River Resources

Pacific Trail Pipeline right of way

Kitimat LNG plant site at Bish Cove

Pacific Trail Pipeline route

Video Library

Kitimat LNG Project Overview

Bringing Down the Stack – Safely
Removing the smelt stack as part of the former Eurocan site remediation.

Kitimat LNG Project Overview

Watch the Kitimat LNG project team successfully relocate an osprey nest to a new home

Kitimat LNG Project Overview

Learn more about the proposed Kitimat LNG Project.

First Nation Benefits and Opportunities

Learn about the benefits the Kitimat LNG Project will bring to First Nations communities across northern British Columbia.

Kitimat Industrial Site: A Transformation Proposal

Learn more about the Kitimat LNG industrial site which will include construction employee housing, a logistics and laydown area and a refurbished landfill and leachate treatment system - all to support the future terminal construction at Bish Cove.

Pacific Trail Pipeline Construction Techniques

Learn more about how the Pacific Trail Pipeline will be constructed.

Kitimat LNG  Plant Site at Bish Cove - video tour
Bish Forest Service Road to Kitimat LNG plant site - video tour