Commitment to the Environment

Corporate responsibility has long been a part of Chevron's values and how we operate.

The company is committed to continually improving its processes for minimizing pollution and waste, conserving natural resources, responsible stewardship of our products and enhancing a broader understanding and management of the environmental aspects of its businesses.

Protecting the earth’s natural resources is as important to Chevron as providing the energy sources so essential to improving our quality of life. Our goal is to be recognized and admired everywhere for our emphasis on environmental excellence. Chevron’s values, business strategies and field operations reflect high environmental standards, which are built on a long history of going beyond local requirements to protect people and the environment.

At Chevron’s Burnaby Refinery, our employees have a special appreciation for our local environment. We believe that the best way to prevent environmental problems is with pollution prevention and source control and to train personnel in all aspects of environmental management of the refining process. Refinery employees are keenly aware ofenvironmental regulations and the importance of being alert to any problem.

Our environmental policies stress open dialogue with our community, and we encourage comments and questions from our neighbors in North Burnaby and surrounding regions of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia via our Community Contact Line at 604-257-4040 or email at

Burnaby Refinery Commitments