Commitment to Emergency Preparedness

The potential for an emergency exists in any heavy industrial setting and the key to effective response in the event of an emergency is preparedness.

The Burnaby Refinery's goal is to maintain a high level of response capability for all types of emergencies including oil spills, chemical releases, fires and natural disasters.

The refinery continually assesses the potential hazards and risks of its operations. Every year the refinery conducts emergencyresponse exercises. These exercises, simulating real emergencies, range from tests of external notification procedures and tabletop discussions to role-laying exercises, equipment deployments and full-scale integrated drills. Local public safety and emergency response agencies, including the RCMP, Burnaby Fire Department, City of Burnaby, Fraser Health Authority, Greater Vancouver Regional District, Environment Canada, Canadian Coast Guard and Vancouver Port Authority also participate in these exercises in an effort to continually improve our response systems and unified incident command structure.

These training exercises are invaluable in the refinery's preparations to respond to an actual incident, and as a result, can significantly reduce the potential impact in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Burnaby Refinery Commitments